PMD – The Awakening (2003) [USA]

PMD - The Awakening

Size: 117 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

2.P’s Still Dangerous
3.87′ to the Present
4.Wake Up (Interlude)
5.The Awakening
6.Know What I Mean
7.Hip Hop 101
8.Still a Customer
9.Straight from da Heart
10.Next Chapter
11.Let It Go (Interlude)
12.Champions (feat. B-Real)
13.Epmd Live Show (Interlude)
14.Look at U Now (feat. Erick Sermon)
15.Back to Work (feat. Fat Joe & K-Solo)
16.All’s I Need
17.L.I. to L.E.S.

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::::: PMDThe Awakening :::::

Jedi Mind Tricks – Visions Of Gandhi (Instrumentals) (2003) [USA]

Jedi Mind Tricks - Visions Of Ghandi Instrumentals

Size: 53 Mb, Quality: 192 Kbps

01. Tibetan Black Magicians
02. Blood In Blood Out
03. The Rage Of Angels
04. Demonwomb
05. Animal Rap (Arturo Gatti Mix)
06. Nada Cambia
07. Boondock Saints
08. The Wolf
09. Walk With Me
10. Rise Of The Machines
11. Pity Of War
12. Kublai Khan
13. What’s Really Good
14. The Heart Of Darkness

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::::: Jedi Mind TricksVisions Of Ghandi (Instrumentals) :::::

Morbid Concepts – The Arrival EP (2003) [Canada]

Morbid Concepts - The Arrival

Size: 39 Mb, Quality: 192 Kbps

01 The Arrival
02 Desperados
03 Reality Control
04 Art of War
05 Nightmares Feat. Daddy P
06 Morbid Language Feat. Yvonne Jarsche
07 Got it Locked Down Feat. Divo
08 Master of Ceremonies Feat. Classified and Sharky

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::::: Morbid ConceptsThe Arrival EP :::::

G.C.P. (Guilty Crime Productions) – Crime Connects (2003) [Canada]

Guilty Crime Productions Crime Connects

Size: 158 Mb, Quality: 192 Kbps

1-01. F. PS Finest
1-02. Ghettoway
1-03. I Nonymous (Interlude)
1-04. Action
1-05. Keep Movin
1-06. Turf Souljah (Interlude)
1-07. Achievements (featuring Blessed)
1-08. War (Interlude)
1-09. Stay on Guard
1-10. Petty (Interlude)
1-11. Father Forgive Me
1-12. Souljah Chant (Interlude)
1-13. Unda Tha Influence 2g3 (featuring Lindo P)
1-14. Friction
1-15. James Stang (Halftime)
1-16. Mandem on da Mic (intro)
1-17. Assasination
1-18. No Love
1-19. Feel it in Ur Bones
1-20. Up it
1-21. Keep Movin (S2G Shotta mix)
1-22. Final Say
1-23. Ain’t No Shame (featuring Melky of Refugee Camp (Ju))
1-24. Get Down to this
1-25. Feel it in Ur Bones (Kw remix)
1-26. Outro
2-01. Jah Cares (featuring Blessed)
2-02. Bless Those Who We Love (featuring Blessed)
2-03. I Wanna Go (featuring Demolition Man)
2-04. Take Time (featuring Demolition Man)
2-05. Devil Be Gone (featuring Blessed)
2-06. African Princess (featuring Blessed)
2-07. Love (featuring Blessed)
2-08. Righteousness (featuring Demolition Man)
2-09. Crazy (featuring Blessed)
2-10. Here Before (Demolition Man)
2-11. Father Forgive Me (remix) (featuring Toba Chung)

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::::: G.C.P. (Guilty Crime Productions)Crime Connects :::::

The Lost Children Of Babylon – Words From The Duat (The Book Of Anubis) (2003) [USA]

LCOB Words Of The Duat The Book Of Anubis

Size: 169 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

01. Intro
02. Distant Traveler
03. Temple Of Abydos
04. Jesus Found In Egypt
05. Souls From The Etherians
06. Chosen Children
07. Where Every Breath Is A Prayer
08. Egyptian Intuition
09. Valley Of The Kings
10. The Rising Force
11. The Missing Link
12. Arabian Knights
13. Warriors Of Virtue
14. Immortal Egypt
15. Dual Of The Fates

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::::: The Lost Children Of BabylonWords From The Duat (The Book Of Anubis) :::::