Naveh – 2012 “The Beginning” (2012) [Russia]

Naveh - 2012 The Beginning

Size: 132 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. The Beginning [MadSCORP1 prod.]
2. Exorcism (feat. DeadLaim) [Psycho Madness prod.]
3. World Takeover (feat. Artuuro) [MadSCORP1 prod.] (Cuts by DJ Mista Ches)
4. War (feat. M.E.R. aka MERKA) [Psycho Madness prod.]
5. Living Dead (feat. Wicked Scoffer) [Nuttkase prod.]
6. Welcome to Hell (feat. Braslet) [Braslet prod.]
7. Stress (feat. Skull Bludgeon) [Nuttkase prod.]
8. Bloody MuSick (feat. Mr. Morbid) [Nuttkase prod.] (cuts by DJ Mista Ches)
9. Slavery (feat. MC Val & Pashtet) [Psycho Madness prod.]
10. Look out! (feat. Fatha Death) [Braslet prod.]
11. The Fall Back (feat. Animal Cracker) [MadSCORP1 prod.]
12. It’s Our Fight [MadSCORP1 prod.]
13. NWO [Alex Eko prod.]
14. Enemy Earth (feat. Alzymerz) [MadSCORP1 prod.]
15. Doomsday (feat. Tekneek) [Psycho Madness prod.]
16. Revolution of the Mind [MadSCORP1 prod.]
17. Cold World [madSCORP1 prod.]
18. Final words… [Nuttkase prod.]
19. Look out! (feat. Fatha Death) [MadSCORP1 remix] -Hidden Track-


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