Q-Unique – Vengeance Is Mine (Instrumentals) (2005) [USA]

Q-Unique - Vengeance Is Mine Instrumentals

Size: 69 Mb, Quality: VBRv2

1. The Resume (Prod. Q-Unique)
2. Diamond In The Ruff (Prod. Juju)
3. One Shot (Prod. Context)
4. The Set Up (Prod. Necro)
5. Nature Of The Beast (Prod. S. Groove)
6. Me, That’s Who (Prod. Juju)
7. H To The C (Prod. Phase One)
8. The Ugly Place (Prod. Necro)
9. Better You Than Me (Prod. Q-Unique)
10. Canarsie Artie’s Revenge (Prod. Necro)
11. Father’s Day (Prod. Necro)
12. Psychological Warfare (Prod. Necro)
13. Fashion Victims (Prod. Q-Unique)
14. Stone Cold (Prod. Q-Unique)
15. This Thing Of Ours (Prod. Q-Unique)


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