White Lotus – The Lotus Society (Vol.1) (2007) [Canada]

White Lotus - The Lotus Society

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1. The Poison String Chamber (feat. Lotus Chief) (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
2. The Overseer (feat. Seraph Guard & Lotus Chief) (Prod. Wisdom God)
3. Fallen Kings (feat. Anabolic & Lotus Chief)
4. Seven Stages (feat. D.L.A.H. Future Chamber)
5. Jealousy Kills (feat. Nova Kane)
6. Cold Blade (feat. Estee, Purpose & Code 9 (of Tragic Allies) & Lotus Chief
7. Just the Thought Of Blades (feat. Seraph Guard & Lotus Chief)
8. Wooden Leg (feat. DKGA)
9. Once Upon A Time In Regina (feat. Lotus Chief) (Prod. North Nasty)
10. Kamikaze Ghost Attacks (feat. Nova Kane & Iron Neck Li)
11. Sword Swivelin (feat. DKGA) (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
12. The Day After Gods Spoke (feat. Immortal Gods)
13. A Cold Leaf (feat. Lotus Chief & Seraph Guard)
14. Heavy Weight Hyptnosis (feat. Rhyme Fabric)
15. Ninja Virtuz (feat. Pro Grave Face, Lotus Chief & Seraph Guard) (Prod. Famicon)
16. Killa Bushido Blade (feat. Killer Falcon & Lotus Chief)
17. Opium Skydive (feat. Shakim AKA Lord Subliminal)
18. Zen Travelz (feat. Iron Neck Li AKA Def Com 7)


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