Warcloud – Smugglin Booze In The Graveyard (2002) [USA]

Warcloud - Smugglin Booze In The Graveyard

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1. Intro/Dark City Choozer: Grave Roller Coaster Tycoon
2. Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard
3. Trap Door: Geppetto Strombolli (Featuring Juleunique)
4. Castle Freak of Bone Romania
5. The Mighty King of Swords
6. The Last Hovering Castle
7. Battleship Starship Warcloud Shakespear Cliff
8. 9 Days of Wine & Roses
9. Shuffle Heavy Gun-Powder-Keg (Featuring the Professional)
10. Lost Soldier of Wu-Tang
11. Raw Head Spear
12. Vampire Kung-Fu
13. Sleepwalker Drive-In Theatre
14. Mojo-Oodoov: the Dead Man & His Stepson
15. On the High Side of the Sky (Featuring Soul Brady)
16. Angry Men From the Graveyard
17. Weapon Factory Outro: Gun-Low-Stance
18. Bloodline


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