Vinnie Paz – The Sound & The Fury (2006) [USA]

Vinnie Paz - The Sound and The Fury

Size: 52 Mb, Quality: VBRv2

01 Sound and the Fury Intro
02 Silence and I
03 The Rebuilding feat. Jus Allah
04 When You Need Me feat. Apathy & Planet
05 A Man Apart feat. Reef the Lost Cauze, Black Plague, and
06 Blood Red Path
07 Rise of the Machines feat. Ras Kass (Remix)
08 The Omen feat. Block McCloud
09 Suckaz feat. Supernatural
10 Urban Gorillaz feat. Sabac Red and Q-Unique
11 The Onslaught feat. Kingsyze, Sabac Red, and Planet
12 Liberal Arts feat. Canibus
13 Speak Now feat. Esoteric and Apathy
14 Blitz Inc. feat. Kingsze and Esoteric
15 Language is Fatal feat. Doap Nixon, Jus Allah, and Planet
16 Raw is War
17 Beatdown feat. Virtuoso, T-Ruckus, and Jus Allah
18 Heavy Metal Kings (One Remix)
19 Blades of Glory feat. Outerspace


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