V.O.D.S.O.D. (Voices Of The Diseased Sounds Of The Deceased) – Official Flamethrowers Mixtape (2010) [USA]

Vodsod Official Flamethrowers Mixtape

Size: 63 Mb, Quality: 160 Kbps

1. Flame Up Intro (Produced By IMAX)
2. They Call it Murder (Produced By Scorpio61)
3. Heaven Only Knows (Produced By Nova)
4. Flying High (Produced By Mil)
5. Rocksteady Interlude (Produced By Deathtrap)
6. Legendary (Produced By Nova)
7. Trail Blazers (Produced By Deathtrap)
8. Rhyme Forensics (Produced By Nova)
9. Hitman (Produced By Mil)
10. Questions (Produced By Deathtrap)
11. Blinded Society (Produced By Mil)
12. Special Edition (Produced By Wizdom God)
13. No Remorse (Produced By Ill Virus)
14. Days Gone By (Produced By Ill Virus)


::::: V.O.D.S.O.D. (Voices Of The Diseased Sounds Of The Deceased)Official Flamethrowers Mixtape :::::