Thief Sicario – Honor Among Thieves (2009) [USA]

Thief Sicario - Honor Among Thieves

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01. All You Said
02. Somethin In The Past (Ft. Cazm One)
03. Were All The Same (Ft. Krazy Race, Corner Block, Stomper)
04. La Prueba
05. The Rise (Ft. Trafek)
06. So Whatcha Want (Ft. Badnews, Trafek)
07. Kingz of The Town (Ft. Brown Caesar, Trafek, Suicide Kingz)
08. Istanbul (Ft. Hakiki Karabela)
09. The Come Up (Ft. Brown Caesar, Trafek)
10. Missmewithat (Ft. Krazy Race, Brown Caesar, Cazm One)
11. Different Breed (Ft. Sonny Gunnz)
12. Livin In The World
13. Betrayl
14. Tearz of Rage
15. You
16. Everything (Ft. Trafek, Badnews)
17. Notes On Paper
18. Cryogenics
19. God Forgives


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