The White Shadow Of Norway – Renegades (2005) [Norway]

White Shadow Of Norway - Renegades

Size: 70 Mb, Quality: VBRv2

01. Renegades (Intro)
02. Action (Feat. Supastition And Raks One)
03. Solid (Feat. Maylay Sparks)
04. Hip Hop Is Me (Feat. Infinito 2017)
05. No Sell Out (Feat. Mic Stylz And The Pizdamen)
06. Extra Thug Sauce (Feat. Guttamouf, Majik Most And Celph Titled)
07. Pimp Strut (Feat. The Rusty P’s And The Pizdamen)
08. When Facts Remain (Feat. Infinito 2017)
09. Plans To Blow (Feat. Grand Agent)
10. Roll Out #2 (Ruff Original) (Feat. D-Stroy And Gr8 Skot)
11. For The People (Feat. Wordsworth And Strange Brew)
12. Extra Thug Sauce (J-Zone Remix)(Feat. J-Zone, Guttamouf, Majik Most)
13. El In Tune With Nature (Feat. Infinito 2017)
14. Simple (Feat. Azeem And The Architech)
15. Glock Whore (Uncut Version)(Feat. The Longshots)


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