The 6th Element – Who The Fuck Is The 6th Element? Vol.1 (2012) [India]

The 6th Element - Who The Fuck Is The 6th Element Vol.1

Size: 139 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Immortal Culture (feat. Vendetta Kingz) (cutz by DJ Coachone)
2. Arrows of Fire (feat. Marcanum X)
3. Cold World (feat. Alaska Redd)
4. Danger Zone (feat. Son of Saturn, DeeDaLimbless & Ern Dawgy) (cutz by DJ Shmix)
5. Ganja In My System (feat. DirtyBird Emcee)
6. Too Slow Joe (feat. Yash Kapoor)
7. Inception (feat. Naja Gemini)
8. Am I What I Am (feat. Halon)
9. Beautiful Day (feat. SageInfinite)
10. Soul of Music (feat. Yedidyah)
11. The Realist (feat. Shah King)
12. Underground Revolution (feat. Topas, Dark Guerilla Chato & Magma) (cutz by DJ Coachone)
13. Venom (feat. Nohokai, Yedidyah & Misguided) (cutz by DJ Coachone)
14. Voice of The Voiceless (feat. A Mac)
15. Loyalty (feat. Banish & Aims)
16. Wrath of An Emcee (feat. DeeDaLimbless, Black Pope, SoulKeeper)

The 6th Element is an underground hip hop producer from Southern India. He recently released his first mixtape, “Who The Fuck Is The 6th Element? Vol.1” which featured various artists from the different parts of the world. He is also the producer for 3 groups, Sons Of Chaos, Solar Kings and Leaders of The Lost


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