Seven Oddities Records – Out For Blood, Vol.III (Chapter Four) (2016) [USA]

Seven Oddities Records - Out For Blood Vol.III (Chapter Four)

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1. The Enemy (feat. SaveOne, Clever One, Tony Patagonia & DreamTek)
2. Point ‘Em Out (feat. Arken Nino, Billie Dee Boodah & Roy Hobes)
3. Bust Your Shit (feat. Billie Dee Boodah, Tony Patagonia & DoomsDay Araiza)
4. In Seven We Trust (feat. PozLyrix, Roots Calhoun & DoomsDay Araiza)
5. So Lit (feat. Roy Hobes, PozLyrix & Roots Calhoun)
6. Seven Til I Die (feat. DoomsDay Araiza, Clever One, Roots Calhoun, PozLyrix, Roy Hobes & Billie Dee Boodah)
7. When He Barks (feat. Roots Calhoun, Arken Nino & Roy Hobes)
8. Seven Is the Wind (feat. Tony Patagonia, SaveOne & Nightwalker)
9. What It Is (feat. SaveOne, Clever One & DoomsDay Araiza)
10. Invasion (feat. Clever One, SaveOne, PozLyrix & Billie Dee Boodah)
11. It Ain’t No Love for You (feat. DreamTek, PozLyrix & Billie Dee Boodah)
12. Everybody Wanna Rap (feat. Clever One, DoomsDay Araiza & PozLyrix)


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