Pen Pointz – Midgets Among Giants Compilation (2005) [Canada]

Pen Pointz - Midgets Among Giants

Size: 139 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

01-CastorPollux & Oddity ft Jen Caspary – Shine On
02-Braille Brizzy-Dreams Of Being Honest
03-Ethic (of Sandpeople) ft Gold – Transition
04-ArtOfact ft. DJ Wishone-But Where…
05-Gumshoe Strut- Broke Off Rap
06-Silent Knight & Raks One – Reach (Pen Pointz Remix)
07-Seth Diggler-You Slowly Dissappear
08-Def 3 ft. Merky Waters-Why Is It
09-Fallen Virtues – Hush Child
10-Wisdm O.N.E.-It Is What It Is
11-Kritikal-Secret In The Garden
12-Famsquadilliana – Cocky Individual
13-James Ciphurphace ft Ollie Ox-Thanks For The Cholesterol
14-Fair One and Cix-AM-Everyday Hip-Hop
15-Fatal Prose-Conception
16-Wilamaze-Black Hole
18-dep – transition


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