Nexx Level Click – All Up In Ya (1997) [USA]

Nexx Level Click - All Up In Ya

Size: 47 Mb, Quality: 192 Kbps

1. Freestyle (feat. D.V. Alias Khrist, Boogie, Retsam, Lil G)
2. Blowin’ Up Spots (feat. Rhyme Recca)
3. Freestyle (feat. D.R. Period, Kooch)
4. The Smith Bros. (feat. Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler)
5. Freestyle (feat. Papoose, Shyste, Trigger Tha Gambler)
6. Just Got Paid (feat. The Empire, Sniper, Nizam, Supreme, Stereo)
7. Freestyle (Gold ‘en Smiles)
8. Da Angry Engineer (feat. Trigger Tha Gambler)
9. To My Lady (feat. Rhyme Recca, Smoothe Da Hustler)
10. Make A Move (feat. Trigger Tha Gambler, D.V. Alias Khrist)
11. Outro


::::: Nexx Level ClickAll Up In Ya :::::