Morbski – Rebel Rouzah (2011) [USA]

Morbski - Rebel Rouzah

Size: 117 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Dancin’ Wit Myself (The Introduction)
2. Rebel Rouzah (feat. Big Tim)
3. No A.C. (Freestyle)
4. Bloody Teeth (feat. Son Of Saturn)
5. Drowning (feat. Skull -B, Blacc Suhn, Naja Gemini & Yedidyah Ben Sion)
6. A Date With The Macrobes
7. En Elevacion Constante (feat. York Siddhartha)
8. No, Please Don’t Stop!
9. In The Zone For Three (feat. MC Monsieur & Big Tim)
10. The Narrow Trail (feat. Son Of Saturn)
11. Comes A Time
12. The Viscous Kiss Of Miss Perdition (feat. Son Of Saturn)
13. Inception


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