Moongod Allah – The Return Of The Ten Tiggers (2002) [Netherlands]

Moongod Allah - The Return Of The Ten Tiggers

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01. The Return of Bai Me [Performed by Cilvaringz]
02. The Cup [Performed by Doc Blake, and *Feathers]
03. Fifty Days Of Sword Practice [Performed by Cilvaringz, Origin, Magpie, and Fraze]
04. Ming Lu Khan [Performed Magpie, and *Feathers]
05. Generation Moonwarriors [Performed by Cilvaringz, Origin, Moongod Allah, Doc Blake, Magpie, Fraze, Psiklops, and *Roze Peddle]
06. The Horse, The Sword & The Vengeance [Performed by Fraze, Doc Blake, Psiklops, and *Feathers]
07. Rest [Performed by Origin, and Doc Blake]
08. Letter From Ming Lu Khan [Performed by Origin, and Magpie]
09. War At The Temple [Performed by Cilvaringz, and Origin]
10. Snake vs. Crane [Performed by Doc Blake, and *Roze Peddle]
11. Ten Tigers Of Kwantung [Performed by Cilvaringz, *Doc Blake, and *Fraze]
12. Victory [Performed by Cilvaringz, and *Feathers]


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