Madd Joker – Shootout In The Capitol (2004) [USA]

Madd Joker - Shootout In The Capitol

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1. Intro
2. Shootout In The Capitol Ft. King D, Orko Da Psykotic Alien
3. Ghetto Word Play Ft. King D & Trinity Mills
4. Lost Faith Ft. 3D
5. Represent The Struggle Ft. Bass Blak, Medafor
6. Who’s The Real Criminal
7. Land Of The Free Ft. Bass Blak
8. Interlude Ft. Tristan Palma
9. Neva Doubt The Allmighty Ft. Teacha Richie, Cosmo Lexxus
10. Out The Slums (Rhyme, Build, Run) ft. Bass Blak
11. Hoodlums Ft. Halo & Master Fuol
12. 1000s Of People Ft. Tony Da Skitzo, Qwan Lee
13. Nah Stop Chat Ft. Low Life
14. Kulcha Interlude
15. In The Line Of Fire Ft. Halo, Arson Wells
16. Youthman Liveup Ft. Kutfather Rockwell, Johaz
17. Under Siege Ft. Johaz
18. Slippin Ft. Etch-U-Sketch, Abnormal
19. Shootout In The Capitol Part 2 Ft. K3, O.E., Arson Wells, Tony Da Skitzo, Halo


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