Lord Lhus – Rare Demos & Collabs (2014) [USA]

Lord Lhus - Rare Demos & Collabs

Size: 150 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Warning Shots (prod. by DJ Low Cut)
2. We Coming In (feat. MysterDL) (prod. by Sicktunes)
3. Slangbangas (feat. Psych Ward) (prod. by Jnyce)
4. Preemptive Strike (feat. Zodiak Killa & Unknown Mizery) (prod. by Blackout)
5. Demonic Human (prod. by Motion)
6. The Filthy (prod. by Vokab)
7. One Tablespoon (feat. Knowledge) (prod. by Ghengis Khan)
8. Go Hard Or Go Home (feat. Choo Biggz) (prod. by 2deep)
9. Castlevania (feat. Unknown Mizery) (prod. by 4th Regiment)
10. A New Way Of Thinking (feat. Billy White & EQ (prod. by Pheened)
11. Nivico (feat. June Marx & Ascended Masters) (prod. by DeeAre)
12. Modern Gods (feat. Unknown Mizery & Killer Falcon) (prod. by Al’Tarba)
13. Empty Handed Warriors (feat. UGR) (prod. by GeesBeats)
14. Lie Awake (feat. Block Parents) (prod. by Danny King)
15. God Degree (feat. Ill Mega & Frantik) (prod. by Frantik)
16. Just Because (feat. Aldmiral Crumple) (prod. by Admiral Crumple)
17. Normandy Beach (feat. Meta P & Milez Grimez) (prod. by ORLOV)
18. Stress Life (feat. Tireless Crew) (prod. by Metronom)
19. Démon D’la Rime (feat. Savage Brothers & Le Bunker) (prod. by D’Jin)
20. S.C. Streets (Szur Remix)
21. Three Headed Beast Of Karma (feat. Dr. VooDoo & Jak Tripper) (prod. by I.N.C.H)


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