Lord Lhus & Eastgarden Music – International Rhymz Konnect (2014) [International]

Lord Lhus & EastGarden Music - International Rhymz Konnect

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1. Fuck The Mainstream (feat. Lord Lhus, Berry & PSL)
2. Walk The Walk (feat. Lord Lhus, Unknown Mizery, KDB, Influenza & Devilz Speciez)
3. Ground You Walk Upon (feat. Lord Lhus & PSL)
4. International Rhymz KonnekT (feat. Niyulah Melanin, Berry, Lord Lhus & PSL)
5. Vrij (feat. Berry & Lord Lhus)
6. Situaties (feat. JR De Regelneger, Lord Lhus & PSL)
7. Swinging Swordz (feat. Lord Lhus & De Kraker)
8. Superior (feat. Unknown Mizery, Influenza & Lord Lhus)
9. Armor Thoughts (feat. Lord Lhus, Unknown Mizery, Eugenicz & Kain Slim)
10. Crossing Borders (feat. Shahamir, Lord Lhus & Bren Emsee)
11. Tape Deck (feat. Lord Lhus, Cerebros, Berry, Unknown Mizery & PSL)
12. Bring That Hip Hop (feat. Unknown Mizery, Lord Lhus & Eddie Glock)
13. Throw Yo Fist Up (feat. Lord Lhus, KDB & Starr Light)
14. Paid My Dues (feat. Lord Lhus, Influenza, Eject & PSL)
15. StreetHop (feat. Berry, Lord Lhus & Bren Emsee)
16. Crazy (feat. Lord Lhus & Anne V Leeuwen)
17. EHW & Flemish KingZ (feat. Lord Lhus, PSL, Fantom & Nachtkruper)
18. What’s New (feat. Unknown Mizery, Lord Lhus, Eject, Cerebros & PSL)

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