Kyo Itachi & Dirt Platoon – War Face (2013) [France|USA]

Kyo Itachi & Dirt Platoon - War Face

Size: 107 Mb, Quality: VBRv0

1. The Intro
2. Animal Shit
3. Army Of Two
4. Dirty Work (feat. Ruste Juxx)
5. West BMore (Skit)
6. West BMore (Story)
7. Old Time Sake
8. Brainstorming
9. Point Of Attack (feat. Dro Pesci, Skanks, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Milez Grimez)
10. Wage Of War
11. Dose Of Reality
12. The Closer
13. The Outro

1. Animal Shit (Spcifyc Remix)
2. Army Of Two (Azaia Remix)
3. Dirty Work (Oh No “Dr No” Remix) (feat. Ruste Juxx)
4. Brainstorming (Phalo Pantoja Remix)
5. Wage Of War (Venom “Re-venge” Mix)
6. Point Of Attack (Doctor Cooper “HH7” Remix) (feat. Lord Have Mercy, El Da Sensei, Venomous 2000 And Mr Fickle)
7. Old Time Sake (Astronote Remix)
8. Dose Of Reality (DJ Stresh Remix)
9. West BMore (Story) (Sizemen Remix)
10. The Closer (DJ Duke Remix)


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