Killer Falcon, P.Flow Matics & Sub-Con5cience – The Deadly Concepts EP (2011) [USA]

Killer Falcon, P Flow Matics and Sub-Con5cience - The Deadly Concepts EP

Size: 29 Mb, Quality: Various

01. Intro (Prod By Killer Falcon)
02. Fearless (Prod By Think)
03. The Deadly Concepts (Prod By Nix Productions)
04. Revered Apostles (Prod By Killer Falcon)
05. AquariusMinded Interlude (Prod By AquariusMinded)
06. Prisoners Of Darkness (Prod By Nix Productions)
07. Forest Rune (Prod By AquariusMinded)
08. Pale Nocturne (Prod By AquariusMinded)
09. Dragon Men (Prod By P.Flow Matics)
10. Flows Like This (Prod By DJ Chrisu)


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