Killah Priest – Planet Of The Gods (2015) [USA]

Killah Priest - Planet Of The Gods

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1. The Arrival: One Hundred Milleniums Coming
2. Citrin
3. Gods Of E.Din
4. Golden Pineapple Of The Sun
5. Starship Planet (Shi’un Qomah)
6. Creation Of A Super God
7. The Vast Bottomless Sleep (Cosmos)
8. PWOWR Glove
9. L.Gigi (People Of The Land Of Nod)
10. “Earth To Walter Reed, Come In Please”
11. Mul.Apin Tablets
12. Centrality Of Our Mythic Imagination
13. Rogue Godz
14. Color Of Ideas
15. Quantum Spirit Of Creation
16. Alien Stars
17. I Destroyed You In Front Of Your Leaders
18. Body Of Light
19. Gallery Of The Gods
20. Walt’s Day Out (Bonus)

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