Kid Selzy – The Creepshow (2009) [Australia]

Kid Selzy - The Creepshow

Size: 94 Mb, Quality: VBRv0

1. Welcome
2. What More Can I Say?
3. Grimey Shit
4. Amard
5. Know 1
6. Trios Amigos feat. a.DD, Pace Won
7. Nevermind feat. Porsah Laine
9. Xanax feat. Gargoyle
10.Audio Strychnine feat. Tornts
11.Grindcore feat. a.DD
12.The Bells
13.Children Of The Damned
14.Semantics feat. Fluent Form
15.Lights Out feat. Lucky Luciano (Randam Luck)
17 Go It Alone
18 The Truth

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