Irate Records – The Scrypt Keepers Vol. 1 (2009) [USA]

Irate Records - The Scrypt Keepers

Size: 99 Mb, Quality: 160 Kbps

01 The Scrypt Keepers Feat. Frantik, Gamblez, Decipher, Fost, Zues G, Hectik & Mindstate (Prod. By Sick Nature)
02 Blood In Blood Out Feat. Iratefam & Frantik (Prod. By Frantik)
03 Overthrow The Regime Feat. Decipher, Frantik And Mindstate (Prod. By Frantik)
04 The Four Horseman Feat. Iratefam & Emipre (Prod. By Mindstate)
05 5 Stages Of Death Feat. Empire, Decipher, Frantik And Mindstate (Prod. By Decipher)
06 Days Of Our Lifes Feat. Mindstate, Empire & Frantik (Prod. By Frantik)
07 The Pestilence Feat. Hectik, Gamblez, Mindstate, Decipher & Frantik (Prod. By Anno Domini)
08 Poison Feat. Frantik, Gamblez & Fost (Prod. By Fost)
09 Rot In Hell Feat. Fost, Frantik & Gamblez (Prod. By Anno Domini)
10 Universal Generals Feat. Iratefam, Decipher, Zeus G & Gamblez (Prod. By Zues G)
11 Brutal Intentions Feat. Decipher, Fost, Hectik & Mindstate (Prod. By Frantik)
12 Higher Learning Feat. Fost & Gamblez (Prod. By Fost)
13 Cold Blooded Feat. Frantik, Mindstate & Gamblez & Decipher (Prod. By Anno Domini)
14 Reflections Of Reality Feat. Decipher, Frantik, Mindstate & Gamblez (Prod. By Anno Domini)
15 Sacred Truths Feat. Mindstate, Decipher, Frantik & Gamblez (Prod. By Decipher & Frantik)
16 Fatal Illusions Feat. Gamblez, Frantik, Iratefam, Decipher & Zeus G (Prod. By Fost)
17 Hillz Of Agony Feat. Mindstate, Decipher, Fost, Frantik, Zues G, Gamblez & Hectik (Prod. By Decipher)


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