Grim Moses – Enpsychlowpedia Satanika (2012) [USA]

Grim Moses - Enpsychlowpedia Satanika

Size: 43 Mb, Quality: 256 Kbps

1. Intro Enpsychlowpedia Satanika
2. For The Henchmen
3. Snub Nose And Snuff Flicks
4. Cut Chop And Burn
5. You Disgust Me Interlude
6. Death Becomes You
7. 666 XXX
8. Apathy Anthem
9. Machete Headz (feat. The Society Of Invisibles)

Produced by The Premonist

This album is a representation of the practices of some orginizations,religeons and passtimes. Grim Moses uses metaphors and concept to describe the use of the lower level mind state. His approach is one that describes the monster with in people of power and the apathy of the people who carelessly show no concern for the evils that exist within the seemingly passionate society in which we live.


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