Fluent Form – Chapters Of Substance (2008) [Australia]

Fluent Form - Chapters Of Substance

Size: 29 Mb, Quality: VBRv2

01. The Form Is Fluent (Produced By Doc Savage)
02. Two Names Feat. Fatty Phew (Produced By Mizari)
03. Lone Phantom (Produced By Geko)
04. Severed Artery (Produced By Ciecmate)
05. Bless With Rhyme (Produced By Must)
06. Where To Now (Produced By Mizari)
07. Take One Feat. Raven And Illuminate (Produced By Methodz)
08. Breathing Space (Produced By Geko)
09. The Contents Feat. Geko (Produced By Geko)
10. Chapters Of Substance (Produced By Trem)


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