EQ – Out The Ash Tray Of L.A. (2010) [USA]

EQ - Out The Ash Tray Of LA

Size: 171 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

01. Ash Tray Intro feat. Apathy (prod. by Deaf Switch & Toon Kurtis)
02. Let It Speak For Itself (prod. by Hutch)
03. This Ain’t New To Me(prod. by DJ Izzy)
04. This Shits On Lock feat. Reef The Lost Cauze (prod. by Deaf Switch & Toon Kurtis)
05. 12 Days Of X-Mas (prod. by Hutch)
06. The Skitterrette
07. Secondhand Smoke feat. Gajah of Acid Reign (prod. by Vokab)
08. Battle Me feat. Copywrite (prod. by AZA)
09. The Warpath feat. Outerspace (prod. by Think)
10. I’m Free feat. PH aka Pumpkinhead (prod. by Engineer)
11. Coast 2 Coast feat. Planet X (prod. by Al’ Tarba)
12. One Shot feat. Juggadabeast & Sick Since of LCOB (prod. by Hitfarmers)
13. Henny & Jack Don’t Mix feat. Fawks 1 (prod. by Deaf Switch & Toon Kurtis)
14. Bring Back Raw (prod. by Hutch)
15. Non Flactro
16. C.T.P. feat. Planet Asia, Reef The Lost Cauze & Block McCloud (prod. by Engineer)
17. Gutter feat. Destruct (prod. by Vokab)
18. Snakes feat. Outerspace (prod. by Engineer)
19. Boondock Saints (prod. by Engineer)
20. Words From The Public
21. My Life (prod. by Vokab)
22. Back In The Days feat. Writersblock of the Visionaries (prod. by Hitfarmers)
23. Enough feat. Dye (prod. by Engineer)
24. It Just Ain’t The Same (prod. by Engineer) / Bonus Track


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