Empty Handed Warriors – Designed For The Struggle (2015) [International]

Empty Handed Warriors - Designed For The Struggle

Size: 128 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. EHW Cypher – Designed For The Struggle (feat. Lord Lhus, Persoonlijk (PSL), Unknown Mizery, Fantom, Cerebros & Ali Dahesh)
2. Close To The Heart (feat. Dash, Ali Dahesh, Unknown Mizery & Nachtkruper)
3. Storming From Under (feat. Lord Lhus, Unknown Mizery & KDB)
4. Defending The Underground (feat. Lord Lhus, Dash & Sa-Ves)
5. Elevator (Skit)
6. Evil Eye (feat. KDB, Vandal, Kain Slim & Starrlight)
7. One Time (feat. Niyulah Melanin & Ali Dahesh)
8. Flemish Garden (feat. Rotn Oap, Persoonlijk (PSL) & MorsDood)
9. Good Times (feat. Unknown Mizery, Lord Lhus & Persoonlijk (PSL))
10. Cold Feeling (feat. Unknown Mizery, Kain Slim & Jace Abstract)
11. Carefull What You Ask For (feat. Unknown Mizery, Lord Lhus & Jace Abstract)
12. Dark Symphony (feat. Persoonlijk (PSL), Dash & Eject da Range Rover)
13. Light My Fire (feat. Jace Abstract, Dash & De Kraker)
14. EHW Cypher Pt.2 – Rap-Out Till I Black-Out
15. Generals Notebook (feat. Unknown Mizery, KDB & Eject Da Range Rover)



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