Dyad Souls – The Last Writes (2016) [Australia]

Dyad Souls - The Last Writes

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1. A Message From The President (Intro)
2. Return To The Grave (prod. Silverback Gorilla)
3. Good Mourning (prod. Olaf)
4. Knife 2 Meet U (prod. Seb The Undead)
5. Oh But Of Corpse (prod. Seb The Undead)
6. Psycho-Therapy (feat. Mina Fedora) (prod. Plague Plenty)
7. The Never Ending Gory (prod. Olaf)
8. Evil People (prod. Seb The Undead)
9. Looney Tunes (prod. Seb The Undead)
10. The Garden Of Heathens (feat. Mr. Hyde) (prod. Olaf)
11. ABC’s Of Death (feat. Rees (Dario’s Old Man)) (prod. Plague Plenty)
12. Audio Stab Wounds (prod. Olaf)
13. Abra Cadaver (prod. Seb The Undead)
14. Still A Fiend (feat. Mina Fedora) (prod. Olaf)
15. Nevermind The Morbid (prod. Olaf)
16. Obituary Blues (prod. Olaf)
17. Bodying The Beat (prod. Olaf)
18. Tony Goblins (prod. Seb The Undead)
19. Axis Of Evil (feat. RTBG & QC) (prod. Olaf)
20. Horrendous Dismemberment (cuts TMB) (prod. Olaf)
21. The Last Writes (prod. Seb The Undead)


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