Dr Creep – Epic Of The Gold Vimana (2012) [USA]

Dr Creep - Epic Of The Gold Vimana

Size: 171 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Intro (prod. by Mir The Bloody)
2. Shapeshifting Soldier (prod. by Mir The Bloody)
3. Explosion (prod. by Junior Makhno) (cutz by TMB)
4. Blue Beam (prod. by Apoka Undaground)
5. Doctrine Of Blood (feat. One Man Army) (prod. by Amos The Ancient Prophet) (cutz by DJ Twisted)
6. Hologram In Numbers (prod. by Imperial Skillz Empera)
7. In A Maze (prod. by 4th Assassin)
8. Operation Garden Plot (prod. by Nakmuay)
9. Blood Army (feat. Labal-S, Perseverance & Matt Maddox) (prod. by Mir The Bloody)
10. Out Of Order (feat. 3rd Eye & Chemist) (prod. by Junior Makhno)
11. Federal Actions (prod. by Mir The Bloody) (cuts by TMB)
12. Secret Of The Eye (prod. by Jointdale Records)
13. Interlude (prod. by Mir The Bloody)
14. A World Of Chaos (feat. Sinister Stricken & Klive Kraven) (prod. by Mir The Bloody)
15. Bells Ring In Babylon (prod. by Amos the Ancient Prophet)
16. Planetary Wars (prod. by Junior Makhno)
17. Catastrophic (feat. Chemist) (prod. by StreetScrolls)
18. Vision (prod. by Mir The Bloody)
19. Avoid The Predator (prod. by Toxine)
20. Esoteric (feat. JKrazy & Verb) (prod. by tunnA Beatz) (cutz by TMB)
21. As The Earth Changes (prod. by Jointdale Records)
22. Nightmare (prod. by Workin Progrez)
23. Mass Damage (feat. Anonamix & Karnal Knowledge) (prod. by Mir The Bloody) (cutz by DJ Madhandz)
24. Vimana Of Fire (prod. by Mir The Bloody)
25. Outro (prod. by Mir The Bloody)
26. (Bonus) Hip Hop And Knowledge (prod. by Anno Domini)


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