Dark Side Of The Moon – The Echo Chamber (2016) [UK]

Dark Side Of The Moon - The Echo Chamber

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1. Intro
2. Roswell Oddysey
3. 9th Volume
4. Heir of Hodgo Shinken (feat. Tesla’s Ghost)
5. Grounded (feat. Ray Vendetta)
6. The Echo Chamber (feat. Ray Vendetta & Tesla’s Ghost)
7. Necropolis City Council
8. Twilight Apparitions (feat. Ray Vendetta)
9. Straw Dogs (feat. Raz Ghoul)
10. The Dammed (feat. Aurahkell & K Zorro)
11. Digital Psychosis (feat. Raz Ghoul)
12. Let Me Take You To The DSOTM
13. 8 Pattern Death Strike (feat. Ray Vendetta & Tesla’s Ghost)
14. White Noise (feat. Ray Vendetta & Raz Ghoul)
15. Shambhala Students (feat. Teach Em)
16. Dont Gamble In The Boneyard (feat. Efeks)
17. Friday Night At The Sativa Bar (feat. Tesla’s Ghost)
18. Cold Winds
19. The Phantazm (Chimera)
20. September (feat. CW Jones)


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