Click Animosity – Feeders Of The Flamez (2010) [USA]

Click Animosity - Feeders Of The Flamez

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1. Intro (Produced By: DJ Extremidi
2. Lyricist Supremacist (Produced By: DJ Extremidiz)
3. Back When (Heavy Heartz) (Produced By: Vee Eye)
4. Teaz-One R.I.P. (Interlude)
5. Underground Crusades (Remix) feat. Shabazz The Disciple (Produced By: Prophet-One)
6. Claustraphobia feat. Craig G, Purpose (of Tragic Allies), Mami Uno (Produced By: DJ Extremidiz)
7. Gramz Of Raw feat. Slaine (of La Coka Nostra & Special Teamz) (Produced By: Prophet-One)
8. Bullet Teeth feat. Abeo Rzo (Produced By: Plague Plenty)
9. Ride For The Authentic feat. Lord Superb (Produced By: DJ Extremidiz)
10. Hip-Hop Hand Grenades (Produced By: Vee Eye)
11. Corey Hain (Skit) feat. Deewuallah, T-Ruckus (Produced By: DJ Extremidiz)
12. Just Spit!!! feat. T-Ruckus (Produced By: DJ Extremidiz)
13. Via Frontlines (Produced By: DJ Extremidiz)
14. Grown Man Biz feat. Ripshop, Cool Gzus, Dagha (Produced By: Insight)
15. Jay Black R.I.P. (Interlude) (Produced By: Relm-1)
16. Colors (Produced By: Mello Dee)
17. Unseen Faces feat. Dee Black, Slim Pickens (Produced By: DJ Extremidiz)
18. Black Roses feat. Tragic Allies, Kevlaar 7 & Salute The Kid (of Wisemen) (Produced By: Donnie)
19. Paint Pictures (Remix) (Produced By: Purpose)


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