Brash – Mind Flex (2011) [USA]

Brash - Mind Flex

Size: 99 Mb, Quality: VBRv0

01. My Time (prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
02. Growth (prod. by Kajmir Royal)
03. Gears (prod. by Kajmir Royal)
04. Kick A Mic Down feat. Blak Philly (prod. by Hi-Fly)
05. 5′ 10″ (prod. by Benefit)
06. Don’t Know What To Do (prod. by Domingo Padilla)
07. Drop (prod. by Blacastan)
08. Hey Bartender (prod. by Resonance)
09. Keep It Together (prod. by Blacastan)
10. 15 Minutes (prod. by Talent)
11. For Love Or Bad Blood feat. INF (prod. by ColomBeyond)
12. Armageddon II feat. Crooked Mindz (prod. by Mr. Green)
13. Going Off (prod. by King Solomon)
14. So It Goes (prod. by ColomBeyond)
15. On That (prod. by Poe Rican)
16. Rock N Roll (prod. by Anno Domini Beats)
17. The World Ain’t Round (prod. by ColomBeyond)
18. Mind Flex (prod. by Anno Domini Beats)


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