Blaq Tongue Society – Speaking In Tonguez (2016) [USA]

Blaq Tongue Society - Speaking In Tonguez

Size: 158 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Intergalactic Scar Tissue
2. Speaking In Tonguez (cuts by DJ Admit)
3. Rap Of The El Shub Nigguwrath (feat. Evel Duer)
4. Brain Salad Surgery (feat. Apakalypse) (cuts by Cheapshot)
5. Dyno-Sorez
6. Heathenz Of The Tetrahedron (feat. Apakalypse)
7. Bust Like A Glock (feat. Blues Wave Dave)
8. Return Of The Flying Spaghetti Monsterz (feat. Argue)
9. Liberate Ex Inferis (feat. Argue)
10. Last Ritez Of The Ogopogo’z (feat. Dave Dub & Haez One) (cuts by Five Star)
11. Kumquatoz Philosophy (feat. 4 God Sake)
12. Initiatez Of The Arcane Science
13. Heronimous Boch King (feat. Shabazz The Desciple) (cuts by Luman)
14. False Godz Must Perish
15. Anti-Hero (cuts by Seedless)
16. All Hail Lord Krylox!
17. Psychotria Viridis (feat. 2Mex)
18. The Root Of Akantute (feat. Sloger Sludge)
19. Revolt Riot Dissent Defiance


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