Bizarro Records Presents Bizarro’s World (2012) [USA]

Bizarro Records Presents Bizarro's World

Size: 169 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Outro (prod. by Green Dutch)
2. Instantly Clapped (feat. Janus00) (prod. by Inphidel)
3. Hip Hop 101 (feat. Mega Trife) (prod. by Nonsense)
4. The Basement (feat. Vinyl Primates) (prod. by Vherbal)
5. White Chalk (feat. 85 Mind) (prod. by Tony Mahoney)
6. Mind Fuck (feat. Archetype & Apak) (prod. by Nonsense)
7. Formless (feat. Sarin & Spoken Dagger) (prod. by Sarin)
8. We Can (feat. Shinobi Kush & Cadence A.R.M.S.) (prod. by Nonsense)
9. Money Dont Grow On Trees (feat. Realspit & Archetype) (prod. by Dead Horse Beats)
10. Interlude! (prod. by Fly Fawkes)
11. Respect (Premix) (feat. Big Bad Baragon & Feenom) (prod. by Dj Bazooka Joe)
12. Yes Yes Yall (feat. YedidYah Ben Sion) (prod. by Nonsense)
13. Daedalus Spoken (feat. Son Of Saturn) (prod. by Mindtwist)
14. Flippin Writtens (feat. Veks & 888s) (prod. by Veks)
15. No More (feat. Nato Caliph,YedidYah Ben Sion,Archetype & Ciej) (prod. by Nonsense)
16. Nothing Can (feat. MeccaGodZilla,Big Bad Baragon & Archetype) (prod. by Nonsense)
17. Interlude 2! (prod. by Green Dutch)
18. Art of Deception (feat. NFKTD) (prod. by Inphidel) (cuts by Judder)
19. Golden Semen (feat. Noemotion) (prod. by ECG)
20. Street Feast (feat. Maximus Da Mantis, Menes Of Basement Dwellaz & Archetype) (prod. by Mr. Galactus)
21. Better Days (feat. Mouth) (prod. by Boogie Bong)
22. We Must Fight (feat. Lost Order Of The Ancients) (prod. by Inphidel)
23. Fuse (feat. Granddad Woolly) (prod. by Inphidel)
24. Lord Have Mercy (feat. Yedidyah Ben Sion) (prod. by Nonsense)
25. Intro (prod. by Xtra Base Hitz)

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