ATMA – Beyond The Speed Of Mind (2006) [USA]

ATMA - Beyond The Speed Of Mind

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1. Intro
2. Study The Math
3. Interlude Universal Enlightment
4. In Between the Eye Sockets Feat. Lord 360
5. The Sage
6. Interlude Earthlings
7. I am No Earthling
8. Interlude Empty Cold Dark Universe
9. Infinite Potential
10. The Shoulders of Giants
11. Chop em Up With the Chakra feat. John the Baptist
12. Interlude Atma the Living Force
13. Who Feels it Knows it
14. Interlude
15. Red Alert on Planet Earth
16. Interlude Words from his Holiness
17. Eternal Boundlessness (make your third eye cry)
18. The Heavenly Doors
19. Merge With the Supreme


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