Ascended Masters – The Brain Eaters (2012) [USA]

Ascended Masters - The Brain Eaters

Size: 122 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Duck & Cover (feat. War Generalz, Dee DaLimbless, Graveyard Shifter, Yedidiyah Ben Sion, Son Of Saturn, Life Scientist, David T. Ruth, Infrared Da Rippa, Kalki & TekNeek)
2. Hadron (feat. JKrazy, SacredAge)
3. Pegasi 51 (feat. Skull Damage, Skampoe, Jigsaw & Caper)
4. Hip-Pop-Racy (feat. General Patt’n & Attila Da Hun)
5. Hostile Gospel (feat. TrustOne)
6. Lantus60cc
7. Trust Me (feat. Riddlore)
8. Proving Ground
9. Verbal Assassins (feat. Raq Tha Mastermind & Skull Damage)
10. Fidora Fotog (feat. Graveyard Shifter)
11. Martyrs (feat. Erks Orion)
12. Emanations Remix (feat. Son Of Saturn)
13. P. E. A. C. E. (feat. Son Of Saturn & Life Scientist)

Ascended Masters (Bliss + DeeAre) presents a collaboration album featuring various emcees and beat makers of underground hip-hop music


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