American Poets 2099 Vs Mysterious – The World Of Tomorrow (2013) [USA]

American Poets 2099 Vs Mysterious - The World Of Tomorrow

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1. Intro
2. Leap of Faith (feat. Ace Gauntlit, Bootface, Blackksun, Excalibur & Nova-Kane)
3. Seen it Coming A Mile Away (feat. Pro The Leader & Excalibur)
4. I Only (feat. Pro The Leader, Weapon-X, Nova-Kane, Excalibur, X-P & Blackksun)
5. Mercenaries (feat. X-P, Bootface, Excalibur & Ace Gauntlit)
6. Castoffs (feat. Bootface, Excalibur, Blackksun, Irie-1, Ace Gauntlit & Maim-1)
7. Dark Stormz Pt. 2 (feat. Bootface, Pro The Leader, Weapon-X, Holocaust & Nova-Kane)
8. Alliance (feat. Holocaust, Weapon-X, Bootface & Pro The Leader)
9. Anytime (feat. Holocaust, Pro The Leader, Excalibur, X-P, Nova-Kane, Weapon-X, Bootface & Ace Gauntlit)
10. Yet to Die (feat. Holocaust, Nova-Kane, C-Rayz Walz, Weapon-X, Blackksun, Pro The Leader, Bootface, Excalibur & X-P)
11. Battleship (feat. Weapon-X, Pro The Leader, X-P & Nova-Kane)
12. Final Product (feat. Excalibur, Nova-Kane, Blackksun & X-P)
13. Distant Refugee (feat. Pro The Leader, Irie-1 & Krypton)
14. Outro (feat. Pro The Leader, Weapon-X, Holocaust, Bootface, Excalibur, Nova-Kane, Blackksun, Irie-1, X-P, Red Tuch Uno, Ace Gauntlit, Atlantis Scrolls & C-Rayz Walz)
15. Dark Stormz Pt 1 (feat. Bootface, Pro The Leader, Weapon-X, Nova-Kane & Holocaust) (Bonus)
16. Sharpe Splinters (feat. Holocaust, Pro The Leader, Weapon-X & Dopestyle) (Bonus)


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