Masta Buildas – Wrathful Deities (2019) [USA]

Masta Buildas - Wrathful Deities

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1. Godz Vs Men
2. A Beautiful Gloomy Day To Punch You In The Fucking Face (feat. Menes The Pharaoh)
3. Destroyer Of Worlds
4. Lung Buttery Vomitspit
5. Ninja Boys (feat. Deadroom Professor)
6. Utilize Your 3rd Eye (feat. Beast 1333)
7. Dumb’n Out On You Cowards, Pussy
8. E.S.F Is Ascension (feat. Menes The Pharaoh & Son Of Saturn)
9. Body Bags (feat. Deadroom Professa)
10. Curveballs (feat. Son Of Saturn)
11. Final Flash To The Next Dimension (feat. Son Of Saturn)
12. Indubitably Vicious Words Of The Gods
13. Duality Spins (feat. Menes The Pharaoh)
14. Light Bearers (feat. Beast 1333)

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