8Th Platoon – A Matter Of Darkness EP (2009) [USA]

8Th Platoon - A Matter Of Darkness

Size: 60 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

01 8th Platoon Grow (feat. Christ Apostle)
02 Bloody Tarantulas (feat. Rasul Allah & Bomshot)
03 War of Calamity
04 Battle Shogun (feat. Portarock)
05 Big Guns (feat. Bomshot)
06 Chess Pieces
07 Harvestor of Death (feat. Portarock)

Originally formed with numerous members from the Los Angeles area, 8th Platoon is now comprised of Contribution X (MC) and Medic aka Habitual (producer). The album is heavily reflective of the streets of Long Beach and the countless shows/ciphers the crew has rocked over the years. The lyrical presence over the grimy beats provided by Medic, is reminiscent of late 90’s era Hip Hop where the art of rhyme’n, dj’n, break’n, and graffiti was a way of life.


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